Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC


Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Sot

Grape variety:

100% Nebbiolo, varieties Michet, Lampia, Rosè.

Farming and planting density:

Guyot, 4800 vines per hectare.


330 m a.s.l.


by hand in the second half of October.


approx. 12 days at 26°C. De-stemming, soft crushing; the must is pumped over with the dèlastage system to maximise the extraction of colour and varietal aromas. After malolactic fermentation, the wine is put into Slavonian and French oak barrels with weekly top-ups of the level and tasting tests to ensure the wine evolves as well as possible.

Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Sot


24 months, 12 of which in casks and 12 in bottles.


an all-round wine, but is especially good with rich and tasty dishes such as fresh pasta and game. Delicious with fondue.


R. PARKER Vintage 2019 90 Pts

Appreciate it listening to:

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH, Brandenburg Concertos.

Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Sot etichetta

ruby red in colour with garnet shades; the aroma is delicate and full with floral (rose), fruity (small berries, raspberries and blueberries) and pleasantly spicy notes. Dry, soft and pleasantly harmonious flavour with remarkable persistence; great balance and typicality.

  • EAN code/bottle: 8033564390036
  • EAN code/carton: 8033564390531
  • Customs code: 22 04 2162
  • Bottles per carton: 6
  • Cartons per pallet 80×120: 110 = 11 x 10
  • Carton dimensions (cm): (l) 31 x (w) 25 x (h) 17,5
  • Glass weight (g): 430
  • Carton weight (kg): 7,4

Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Sot

Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Sot
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