Langhe DOC

Corte Enrichetta

Langhe DOC Corte Enrichetta

Grape variety:

Barbera, Nebbiolo.

Farming and planting density:

Guyot, 4800 vines per hectare.


330 m a.s.l.


early/mid October.


7-8 days at 25-26°C. Destemming, soft crushing; then undergoes the micro-oxygenation process to soften the tannins and enhance the varietal aromas. The wine is then left in steel tanks and then bottled.

Langhe DOC Corte Enrichetta


12 months steel.


an all-round wine par excellence, it goes particularly well with first courses, cheese and red meat.


Robert Parker The Wine Advocate - Gambero Rosso - Premio “Qualità Prezzo”; Gambero Rosso - Due Bicchieri.

Appreciate it listening to:

FRANZ SCHUBERT, 'Unfinished' Symphony No. 8.

Langhe DOC Corte Enrichetta etichetta

ruby red colour tending towards violet when young; vinous and fruity bouquet. Pleasant on the palate, with moderate acidity, it is a persistent and particularly harmonious wine.

  • EAN code/bottle: 8033564390050
  • EAN code/carton: 8033564390555
  • Customs code: 22 04 2162
  • Bottles per carton: 6
  • Cartons per pallet 80×120: 110 = 11 x 10
  • Carton dimensions (cm): (l) 31 x (w) 25 x (h) 17,5
  • Glass weight (g): 430
  • Carton weight (kg): 7,4

Langhe DOC Corte Enrichetta

Langhe DOC Corte Enrichetta
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